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Re: [Question #707201]: Code of "A microscopic diffusion-induced discrete element model for swellable particles" J. Hu, 2023


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Fin David proposed the following answer:
To begin, it's recommended to search for the research paper itself. Look
for academic platforms, research databases, or publisher websites where
the paper might be available. Authors sometimes provide supplementary
materials or share code repositories alongside their papers, which could
potentially include the code you're seeking.

If you're unable to find the code through online resources, consider
reaching out to the authors directly. Many researchers are willing to
share their code upon request, especially if it aligns with their
research interests. Contact the authors via email or through
professional networking platforms and kindly inquire about the
availability of the code for their paper.

In addition to direct communication, explore online code repositories
like GitHub, GitLab, or other similar platforms. Conduct a targeted
search using keywords from the paper's title, author names, or related
concepts to see if anyone has shared code related to the microscopic
diffusion-induced discrete element model or YADE-DEM. Be sure to check
for repositories associated with the authors or other researchers in the

Engaging with research communities, forums, or discussion boards focused
on discrete element modeling or YADE-DEM can also be beneficial. Seek
assistance from fellow researchers or experts who might have insights on
the availability of the code or suggestions on how to run a similar
code. These communities often provide valuable guidance and resources
for researchers in the field.

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