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Re: [Question #707201]: Code of "A microscopic diffusion-induced discrete element model for swellable particles" J. Hu, 2023


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jnkkjnk posted a new comment:
To find the code for the paper you mentioned, "A microscopic diffusion-
induced discrete element model for swellable particles," you can try the
following steps:

Check the paper itself: Look for any information in the paper regarding
the availability of the code. Authors often provide details on how to
access or request the code they used in their research.

Search online platforms: Look for the paper on platforms like
ResearchGate, Academia.edu, or the website of the journal where it was
published. Sometimes authors upload their code or provide a link to
access it.

Contact the authors: If you can't find the code through the paper or
online platforms, you can try reaching out to the authors directly. Send
them an email or contact them through their institutional websites,
politely explaining your interest in their work and asking if they would
be willing to share the code with you.

Remember that accessing specific codes or obtaining them might depend on
factors such as availability, the authors' policies, or licensing
restrictions. visit https://fungrills.com/air-fryer-for-large-family/

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