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Re: [Question #707311]: How to add rotation on the Boxfactory?


Question #707311 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
> to simulate the rotational laying powder process in Additive

please describe it more in detail for those who are out of this field
(e.g. me).

> Therefore, I then adopted an indirect powder laying method, that is,
first deposit the powder in a facetBox

this suggests that you do not need the BoxFactory at all..
Adding another layer to the confusion.

> but the engine and factory did not operate as set up.

As discussed, most likely it operates exactly as set up and most likely it is just the discrepancy between you expectation and how it actually works..
Still, we do not know how it should operate. Without such information we cannot reasonably proceed..
Please, describe your expected simulation properly. E.g.
"I need to deposit spheres in facet cylinder. Spheres are created 10 new spheres every 2 seconds. I need to rotate this and that like this"
Focus on:
- what, when and how should be rotated (I have no idea honestly)
- why do you need BoxFactory

> So I'd like to get some advice from you.

- describe your problem and expectation clearly such that we can help better
- proceed from simple to more complicated. If you have problems with BoxFactory, try first without it


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