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Re: [Question #707348]: Is the Level-set method applicable to the real terrain described by the gridded digital elevation model?


Question #707348 on Yade changed:

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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

The most straightforward way would probably be to define your "terrain"
with Facet-shaped YADE bodies and count on a Ig2_Facet_LevelSet_ScGeom.
Unfortunately, the latter does not exist at the moment...

As an alternative, maybe you could try to define a single LevelSet-
shaped body for your terrain (adding planar sides underneath your
physical ground slope ? to make it closed).

As a keypoint, you have here to come with your own assignment of
LevelSet.lsGrid (grid attribute of levelSetBody() ) and
LevelSet.distField (distField attribute of levelSetBody() ).

See https://gitlab.com/yade-
for an example of that usage.

That might be less efficient to run than using this non-existing-yet
Ig2_Facet_LevelSet_ScGeom (exaggerated memory requirement with many
useless distance data below your ground surface of that LevelSet body ?)
but no C++ coding required..

For computing the actual distance data (on the grid) which is required
to correspond to your terrain with that approach, you're on your own but
there is probably a number of tools already available on the web ?
(keywords: distance to a .stl mesh ?)

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