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Re: [Question #707685]: MPY, box-sphere interactions isn't real


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Hey ginmaru, check out some related threads. This is an automated reply.

Title: "some interactions (sphere-box(width=Period width) are not detected "
Question by portal3 on 09 Apr 2022:
 The discussion revolves around a problem where particles cross the box when its size is similar or larger than the periodic cell's size. Jan suggests splitting large walls into smaller walls as one possible solution or manually copying the wall to surrounding cells. Xin found success with manual copies of the solid boundary in their MWE, but still faces issues with larger sized walls and cylinders. Xin tried again with more particles using copying the boundary manually and had some success. Jan is confused about the difference between extending large bodies and copying them manually in the surrounding cells' position.    

Title: "Interactions between a boxes isn't 'real'"
Question by ginmaru on 13 Jul 2023:
 The user is encountering issues with interactions between boxes in their code due to the lack of a 'Ig2_Box_Box' functor, causing one box to fall through another instead of behaving as spheres would. They are seeking assistance to implement this functor to resolve the problem.    

Title: "Box interacton with gravity"
Question by balbuquer on 03 Aug 2016:
 The user is having trouble achieving a desired stress in an oedometric test where the upper plane is a body interacting with spheres inside a box. They have calculated the density of the box using a formula based on the goal stress, OedometerCrossSection, and BoxVolume but are still unable to achieve the desired stress despite changing the box density. The user has eliminated the hypothesis that box objects are not affected by gravity.    </s>

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