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Re: [Question #707641]: How to make a propeller spin?


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Hey qfxx-123, check out some related threads. This is an automated

Title: "about rotate"
Question by jpeng22 on 01 Nov 2016:
 The user is encountering an issue with a Yade ODE simulation where a rigid body is rotating on the rotation axis (0,1,0) and translating along the z-axis, but only rotates in a fixed situation. The user has tried setting the zeroPoint for the RotationEngine to O.bodies[0].state.pos without success. Thanks to Jan Stránský's help, the problem was solved.    

Title: "How to rotate the box"
Question by qfxx-123 on 19 Apr 2022:
 The user is seeking guidance on rotating a box in their code using a specific command. They want the box to be rotated 45 degrees around a line that passes through its centroid and is parallel to the z-axis. The suggested solution involves creating the box with the `utils.box()` function, appending it to the list of objects, and then setting its orientation using the `state.ori` attribute with the axis and angle values.    

Title: "Rotate cylinder"
Question by mithushan93 on 25 Mar 2021:
 Jim sought advice on simulating gravity in YADE, with Joe recommending using g=-9.8. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, it's often beneficial to adjust velocities or angular velocities rather than directly updating position or orientation, as per best practices in YADE. Jan Stránský's suggestion resolved Jim's query.

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