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Re: [Question #707851]: calculate applied force on corrugated plate.


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> I expect that the function O.foreces.f(id) would calculate contacted

It calculates force (not stress).
But you are using it correctly afterwards..

> 2) sum(the stress of each facets)

This (plain sum of stresses of facets) probably makes no sense..

> 1) Dose O.forces.f(id) calculate the forces of the contacted

depending on what "contacted particles" means.
O.forces.f(id) returns total force on the body.
In the case of a facet "loaded" from only one side, it would be the contact force

2) If 1) is right, for the plate composed of several facets, the force
of the plate is the sum of the forces of each faect?


3) the normal and shear stress on the corrugated plates is obtained from
these forces?

Yes, it can be done.


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