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Re: [Question #707851]: calculate applied force on corrugated plate.


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Jinsu Jang is still having a problem:
Thank you for you answering. It's very helpful to me.

but, I'd like to ask one more question.

How the stiffness between courrugated plate (/\/\/\/\) and particles is

In the case of flatten(-----------) case, I measure stiffness between
plate and contacted particles.

but the case of corrugated plate, I defined stiffness between corrugated
plate and contacted particles, but I think it's too large than previous

In my guess, stiffness of courrgated plate is average of sum of
stiffness becuase, the stress is calculated from Force and contact area
so that sum of forces from all facets is needed, but stiffness is not.

Thank you again!

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