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Re: [Question #707851]: calculate applied force on corrugated plate.


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> How the stiffness between courrugated plate (/\/\/\/\) and particles
is measured?

It depends how you define it.
You can then measure it according to your definition.

> but I think it's too large than previous case.

It is possible.
Depends on definition and actual simulation (e.g. ratio of particle size / plate "roughness" etc.)

> In my guess, stiffness of courrgated plate is average of sum of

Either average or sum.
"Average of sum" does not make much sense IMO..

Stiffness is similar case to the stress.
Plain sum of the stiffnesses (similar to plain sum of the stresses) has no physical meaning.
(again, IMO, quickly writing the answer. I might be wrong, you have to think carefully and critically about the answers :-).

> becuase, the stress is calculated from Force and contact area so that
sum of forces from all facets is needed, but stiffness is not.

yes, see above


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