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Re: [Question #707866]: Export velocity and force


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Mu Wh posted a new comment:
Thank you for your reply, and your answer has solved most of the questions. Furthermore, I found several interesting points in vtkExporter which I want to check with you.

>I found there are several formats of exportSpheres, exportFacets, exportInteractions, and exportContactPoint [5] as below. I tried two formats that can export information about spheres, facets, interactions, and contactpoints, and I think the two formats are correct representations.
(1) vtkExporter.exportSpheres(what=dict(dist='b.state.pos.norm()')) 
(2) vtkExporter.exportFacets(what={'pos': 'b.state.pos'})

> The export information of spheres contains velocity and force. However, the coloring in the Glyph of spheres contains ‘Normals’ options, but the cloud map of spheres is irregular in Paraview 5.7.0. I think the meaning of ‘Normals ’ is meaningless.
Weihao Mu


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