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Re: [Question #707866]: Export velocity and force


Question #707866 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
> Whether spheres, facets, interactions, and contactpoints in ParaView
have the same units as those in Yade?

Yade have no units, just numbers.
What you import in Paraview are the same numbers as you export from Yade.
So in this sense they have the "same units".

But in general, during Yade export and then in Paraview you can "screw"
the numbers in any arbitrary way.

> I think the two formats are correct representations.
> (1) vtkExporter.exportSpheres(what=dict(dist='b.state.pos.norm()'))
> (2) vtkExporter.exportFacets(what={'pos': 'b.state.pos'})

if you want to export distance of spheres from coordinates origin (1)
and position of facets "center" (2), then it is correct.

> the coloring in the Glyph of spheres contains ‘Normals’ options, but
the cloud map of spheres is irregular in Paraview 5.7.0. I think the
‘Normals ’ is meaningless.

It may be.
However, this is now fully Paraview field and probably does not belong to Yade discussion...


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