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Release planning for Zim 0.25


Dear all,

Since this is the first message to this list, welcome to all of you :)

Code development for zim is at this moment essentially still a one man project, but since multiple people are involved now with translations, bug reports and packaging it seems a good idea to have a list to coordinate release schedule and discuss critical bugs / feature requests etc. Of course I'm always open for suggestions, be it in code or as idea.

For now I want to release zim 0.25, there are a couple of bug fixes for 0.24, no new features. Also a lot of translations were updated after 0.24. Original plan as I communicated to some of you was last monday, but I missed that due to real world interference. I'll be flying this weekend, so new release date will be next monday, May 19th, European time zone. So anyone who still wants to update a translation can do that over the weekend. I uploaded a new translation template last week which contains some translatable strings that were skipped by my script - thanks to Jeppe for catching that one.

Changes so far:
* Added --gtk-path to work around win32 environment behavior
* Fixed a bug when opening files without asociated application
* Fixed a bug for older versions of Exporter
* Fixed bug that prevented using Gtk2::StatusIcon this means we can
drop dependency on Gtk2::TrayIcon for gtk+ >= 2.10
* Fixed bug with utf8 notebook name not showing correctly in TrayIcon menu
* Fixed TrayIcon to hide window when it already has focus
* Fixed bug with file selection dialog for certain gtk versions
* Fixed bug where a few strings were skipped when indexing translatable text


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

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