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Re: Release planning for Zim 0.25


El Miércoles, 14 de May de 2008, J.G. Karssenberg (Jaap) escribió:

> Since this is the first message to this list, welcome to all of you :)

	Thanks :-)

> Code development for zim is at this moment essentially still a one man
> project, but since multiple people are involved now with translations, bug
> reports and packaging it seems a good idea to have a list to coordinate
> release schedule and discuss critical bugs / feature requests etc. Of
> course I'm always open for suggestions, be it in code or as idea.

	I've got two suggestions (both of them for 0.24; maybe any of these is 
already covered in 0.25, specially with the TODO stuff):

	- Some documentation about how to make plugins. I know a bit of Perl, but 
digging into some of the already present plugins is a bit confusing. Some 
little guide about the basics would be a godsent.
	- I miss a "Link below this page" button (or shortcut, or whatever). I.e., a 
button like the "Link" one, but that links a page below the current one, not 
at the same level.

	Example of the latter: I use Zim as a sort of daily journal, and also TODO 
list. Imagine that I write down for the TODO: "attend the issue of the VPN 
connection of customer X". Then I hilight "VPN connection of customer X" and 
click the "Link" button, and Zim creates a new page with that name at the 
same level than the daily page. But as this is an issue that will only be for 
today, I'd like the page to be below the daily one, and I have to edit the 
link and change "VPN connection of customer X" for ".VPN connection of 
customer X" (i.e.: add a leading period).

	I hope to make myself understood. Maybe it's a silly thing, but that would 
make my life easier :-)

        Roberto Suarez Soto                             Allenta Consulting
        robe@xxxxxxxxxxx                                   www.allenta.com
                                                           +34 881 922 600

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