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Zim 0.26 released !


Dear all,

Today I released zim 0.26. This is a mayor release adding version control based on Bazaar. This means zim now has a "Save Version" action and a "Versions" dialog to browse older versions. Also the wiki syntax has been changed to allow non-verbatim paragraphs to be indented. Critical bugs on windows and with perl 5.10 are fixed. Translation are added for Finnish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese.

Please give it a try, report bugs and update the distro packages :)


   * Added translations for Finnish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese
   * Added integrated version control support for zim notebooks based
     on Bazaar. Added "Save Version" (<Ctrl><Shift>S) and "Versions"
     dialog to File menu.
   * Zim text files now have headers with content type and time stamps
   * Changed wiki syntax for Verbatim blocks, now allows non-verbatim
     paragaphs and bullet lists to be indented - lp #208986
   * Added mimetype for zim text files text/x-zim-wiki
   * Changed mimetype for .zim files to application/x-zim-notebook
   * Added special notebook for man pages with "--man" commandline option
   * Added support for reading gjots2(1) files; added
     application/x-gjots mimetype
   * Made auto incrementing a numbered list optional - lp #235020
   * Added translation support for plural forms - lp #226976
   * Fixed bugs for perl 5.10 - lp #235030, #242490
   * Fixed bug in Calendar plugin when namespace is read-only
   * Fixed bug in ToggleReadOnly plugin when first page is read-only
   * Fixed bug with TrayIcon for single notebook mode - lp #252712
   * Fixed bug that prevented typing under win32 - lp #252005

And of course the translation status:
po/cs.po    75 untranlated
po/da.po    complete, 4 fuzzy
po/de.po    complete, 10 fuzzy
po/es.po    39 untranslated, 10 fuzzy
po/fi.po    complete, 1 fuzzy
po/fr.po    complete
po/gl.po    20 untranslated, 3 fuzzy
po/he.po    complete
po/it.po    29 untranslated
po/nl.po    complete
po/pt.po    15 untranslated
po/ru.po    77 untranslated, 13 fuzzy
po/sv.po    90 untranslated
po/tr.po    complete, 6 fuzzy
po/zh_CN.po complete

A big thanks to everybody for updating translations, reporting bugs and sending feedback and feature requests!


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

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