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Zim 0.26 and call for translators



Just a ping to let you know that work on Zim 0.26 is almost finalized.

Bazaar version control support is now completed. In the end just two items were added to the menu: "Save Version..." (<Shift><Ctrl>S !) and "Versions...", the first will allow you to enter a comment and commit a new version, the second shows a dialog that allows browsing versions, viewing diffs and reverting pages to previous versions. If available the native bazaar-gtk windows will be used. Screenshots as well as a code snapshot are available at http://pardus.nl/tmp/ please let me know if you have any feedback.

The next two weeks I will use to fix a number of small bugs I encountered over the last weeks and test the current code a bit more. Also will try to work some more on Subversion support. (Svn is detected now, but not all the controls work).

Since the interface is more or less finalized I think the message catalogue for translations will not change to much now. So I uploaded a new template and would like to invite all translators to update their translations. Most languages that were up to date in the previous version need about 30 to 40 new messages translated. Have a look at https://translations.launchpad.net/zim/trunk/+pots/zim to check for your language.

Well, that's ll for now, back in about two weeks.