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Re: Reminder: 0.27 release planning - call for translators


2008/11/8 Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Ok, recursive checkbox lists should work now. Dotan: can you check ?
> Only open issue is that the feature does not get triggered when inserting a
> new checkbox or deleting one. This needs implementation on another level.
> Afraid that will have to wait for a future release.

Recursive checkboxes work fine for single level usage, but not for
recursive usage. For instance, starting with the following hierarchy:

[] Metallica
	 [*] Kill 'Em All
	 [] Ride the Lightning
		 [] Fight Fire With Fire
		 [*] Fade to Black
	 [*] Master of Puppets

One should be able to check "Fight Fire With Fire" and that would
automatically check "Ride the Lightning" as well, which would then
automatically check "Metallica". Instead, nothing gets automatically

I have other minor issues to report as well, should I file a bug or
list them in a new thread here?


Dotan Cohen



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