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Zim 0.27 released



Just uploaded the 0.27 release of zim to the website. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all translations and bug reports.

New features include proper support for Subversion version control and support for automounting encrypted directories. This release also introduces checkbox lists - this feature has been integrated with the TODOList plugin. A translation for traditional Chinese was added.

* Added translation for traditional Chinese
* Fixed Subversion support same level as Bazaar - lp #263043
* Added support for checkbox lists - lp #283901
* Added feature to automount notebooks - e.g. to use fuse encfs
* Fixed bug that the Bazaar test did not skip properly if bzr not installed
* Fixed bugs for using gjots notebooks
* Fixed bug open notebooks were not italized in notebook dialog - lp #272518
* Fixed bug with toggling format buttons - lp #273577
* Added tooltips to pathbar buttons - lp #273593
* Changed window title to notebook name instead of page name - lp #272430


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

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