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A little GNOME Applet for zim


Hi all,

I've written a little GNOME applet for Zim. It basically read your
checklist files and display information about them. I've written it in
Python using PyGTK.

You may found source code at https://launchpad.net/zim-todo and deb
package for intrepid at my PPA https://launchpad.net/~memedemin/+archive
please check the announcement

Program is very inmature for now, but it does its intended job. Source
code is a bit messy for now, bu it's readable (i guess). Also it eats so
much memory compared to its little size. 

I hope I will refine and improve the code in the future.

Please try it. Any suggestions will be welcome. 

Btw, I'm not sure if this list is an appropriate platform for discussing
this little applet. So i guess it'll be better to use launchpad bug
tracking system or e-mail (send to my e-mail address) for suggestions
and bugs.

PS: Many thanks to Jaap for this application and innovation.

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