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Re: Dialog to control stand alone server


2008/12/20 Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>:
> All,
> As part of the rewrite I'm working on zim will also feature a (read-only)
> web interface. One option is to run zim as stand alone server, so  no need
> to install a separate webserver etc. Of course we need a nice graphical
> dialog to control this to make it even more user friendly.
> Now I do have the basic server up and running as well as a functioning
> dialog. A screenshot can be found here: http://pardus.nl/tmp . However -as
> anyone looking at the screenshot will notice- the dialog still looks quite
> rough. I'm open for feedback on how to improve the layout of this dialog.
> Additionally I think this will also need it's own application icon, probably
> some combination of the zim icon with a globe. If anyone feels like drawing,
> I'm open to input.
> Regards,
> Jaap

Some simple reorganizing makes it nicer looking. With the exception of
the green Running icon, in my mockup the configuration is at the top
and the status is at the bottom. Of course, the information conveyed
in the green Running icon is represented in text at the bottom.

Dotan Cohen



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