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Re: Announcing an installer for Zim on Windows


> You may have seen my message a month ago saying that I was planning to build
> a Windows installer for Zim. Well, here you go:
> http://code.google.com/p/zimdesktopwiki-windows/
> I could not come up with a convenient way to download large dependencies
> (Perl + GTK) from upstream sources during installation, so I included a
> customized copy of camelbox <http://code.google.com/p/camelbox/> in the
> installer. Since that makes the installer 21MB in size, I thought it would
> be best to host it at Google Code, rather than on the Zim web site or my web
> site.
> Jaap, if you want to link to this on the Zim web site, you might want to
> include a word of caution. This is a first release, and while it probably
> won't eat your babies, it will eat up 74MB of space after installation.
> Thanks to Eugene Schava who contacted me privately and emailed his previous
> work on the subject to me.
> Brendan Kidwell

Thanks. I don't have a Windows machine handy to check, but is this a
"portable app", that is, can it be run without leaving traces on the

If so, it would allow me to keep my Zim notes with me for access on
the locked-down univeristy computers.

Dotan Cohen



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