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Status and project plan for Windows installer for Zim


Following up on my announcement of the Windows installer for Zim <
http://code.google.com/p/zimdesktopwiki-windows/>, we have a few minor
issues (listed on the home page), all of which I know how I'm going to

C. Y. Lee reported today that Chinese text in notebooks shows up missing --
not garbled, just gone. I have no idea how that could happen, really. It may
turn out to be a bug in camelbox (Perl + GTK for Windows), or a problem with
the upstream packages that camelbox is based on. :^( Can anyone make any
suggestions on how to proceed with this? Anyone who is inclined to
investigate can follow my BUILD.txt instructions to see how my installer
gets built, and maybe you can suggest some different choices.

I can only devote so many hours to this, so please keep sending your bug
reports to me, but it'll probably be March before I make significant
progress on any of these issues. I'm shooting for a release in early March
* based on latest 0.28 version of Zim
* smaller footprint, probably using pp to compress all Perl code into PAR
files, leaving Windows binaries (DLLs and whatnot) as uncompressed files
* a fully supported thumbdrive deployment scenario
* listed on portableapps.com, freshmeat.net, etc.

The non-western text issue -- I care about it, but I can't make any promises
now. We may have to shelve it since Zim is being released as a python app
later this year.

Jaap, what are your feelings on publicizing this? I'll leave it up to you to
decide if you want to put a link to what we have on zim-wiki.org, or wait
for the next release.

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