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Re: Status and project plan for Windows installer for Zim


> C. Y. Lee reported today that Chinese text in notebooks shows up missing --
> not garbled, just gone. I have no idea how that could happen, really. It may
> turn out to be a bug in camelbox (Perl + GTK for Windows), or a problem with
> the upstream packages that camelbox is based on. :^( Can anyone make any
> suggestions on how to proceed with this? Anyone who is inclined to
> investigate can follow my BUILD.txt instructions to see how my installer
> gets built, and maybe you can suggest some different choices.

Are you sure that is a good use of your limited resources since Zim is
being ported to Python and this will likely be a non-issue when that
happens? Don't get me wrong: my native language is not latin-based and
I know that there are more Chinese speakers in the world than any
other language, but I personally would wait to see how the Python
version performs before digging into this.

> I can only devote so many hours to this, so please keep sending your bug
> reports to me, but it'll probably be March before I make significant
> progress on any of these issues. I'm shooting for a release in early March
> with:
> * based on latest 0.28 version of Zim
> * smaller footprint, probably using pp to compress all Perl code into PAR
> files, leaving Windows binaries (DLLs and whatnot) as uncompressed files
> * a fully supported thumbdrive deployment scenario
> * listed on portableapps.com, freshmeat.net, etc.
> The non-western text issue -- I care about it, but I can't make any promises
> now. We may have to shelve it since Zim is being released as a python app
> later this year.

Oh, I should have gotten to hear before I started replying :) In any
case, I will be bugging you about RTL, directionality, and Unicode
issues I promise!

Dotan Cohen