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Zim 0.28 released!


Hi all,

Zim 0.28 was released today. A bug with the previous release where lines in HTML output do not wrap correctly was fixed and added support for RTL scripts in HTML output was added. A plugin for including GraphViz diagrams and a plugin to sort a text selection were added. The template for the Equation editor was changed to allow line breaks.


   * Reversed behavior of html export to use <br> elements - lp #311292
   * Fixed install script for Module::Build version 0.3x - lp #319964
   * Added support for RTL languages in html export - lp #303108
   * Added DiagramEditor plugin to insert Graphviz diagrams
   * Added SortSelection plugin - lp #318904
   * Applied patch to improve perl Pod format backend by Christoph Rudorff
   * Applied patch to set toolbar style by Christoph Rudorff
   * Added calendar icon with tango colors, submitted by Gabriel Hurley
   * Changed EquationEditor latex template to allow line breaks - lp
   * Fixed two syntax bugs - lp #297932 & lp #312894
   * Fixed bug where checkboxlist with an empty line causes a freeze -
     lp #300184
   * Fixed bug where page headers show in "send to.." email content -
     lp #316153
   * Replaced horizontal scrollbar for page index by ellipsize - lp #297682

I also generated an updated ubutu package.

Grab a copy while it's fresh ;)



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