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Re: Windows installer for Zim has been updated with v0.28 code tree


>> I suggest a plugin for Zim that rsyncs the local
>> Zim root folder with the one on the thumbdrive. Should I file a RFE
>> bug for that?
> Why would you want to sync instead of working directly off the thumbdrive ?

Keep my most important data on an unreliable, prone to [loss|theft]
thumbdrive? No!

> Btw. in the source tree there is a plugin template that gives an example how
> to add an external command as a menu item in zim. Given the correct rsync
> command, wrapping the plugin would be about 5 minutes work.

This might be my chance to learn to write plugins. When I finish with
this terrible semester in a few weeks, I'll get on it. That is about
the time that I want to start working on the Zim documentation, too,
so it fits.

Dotan Cohen