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Re: Portable Zim: localization issue


Dotan Cohen wrote:
I just downloaded the new portable Zim build and installed it to a
thumbdrive on a university Windows XP Pro computer which is in the
English language, but has Hebrew enabled. Opening the default Notebook
shows me this gibberish:
Created ��������� 11 ��� 2009

This is likely an encoding conflict between what Zim expects and what
Windows provides. I am not familiar with Windows, and I could not find
anything that is similar to the locale command to post here. Sorry.

Can you check with the debug switch what zim thinks the encoding is ?

Another bug:
When there are multiple windows compressed into a single taskbar icon,
the icon's name is "wperl".

This is not a bug, but a MS Windows feature. Windows has the habit of identifying windows by there executable instead of by window properties (like on linux desktop). As you can imagine this approach is limitting for interpreter based programs where the executble is a generic for multiple instances.

Feel free to open a bug report at microsoft.com though ;)



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