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Zim 0.42-alpha1 (python branch)



Just uploaded a development snapshot dubbed as "alpha1". You can get it at http://www.zim-wiki.org/downloads/ .

This snapshot is not nearly ready for day to day usage, and only works as a read-only client at the moment. However some early testing would be very good. Most of th framework is in place, so index is build in SQLite and parsing works. Also included is a proof-of-concept stand-along web server which displays zim pages.

For those will to test please run two commands in the source directory and let me know any errors:
$ ./test.py --full
$ ./zim.py --index /path/to/your/notebook

To run the gui use
$ ./zim.py /path/to/your/notebook

Webserver can be accessed from the "Tools" menu, or from the commandline by:
$ ./zim.py --server /path/to/your/notebook

( Check --help for more commandline options. )

I will now start working on making the editing components work and try to get page creation / renaming / moving / deletion right.



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