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Re: Zim 0.42-alpha1 (python branch)


Hi Jaap, hi all.

Here's some output from a short try of zim-python :

environment :

    Ubuntu 8.10
    python 2.5.2

1. Run the test

    ./test.py --full

Everything ran fine. 'ok' everywhere. Here's the final output :

    Ran 42 tests in 1.303s


2. Indexing a notebook

Command line ran on a copy of a currently used notebook :

    ./zim.py --index /home/[login]/tmp/notebook

Well, no output, everything seems ok. The only change between the two
notebooks (checked with meld) is the index.db file in the .zim folder.

3. Run the gui

    ./zim.py /home/[login]/tmp/notebook

Here also, it seems to work fine as far as i can see. I will play with
it during the week-end to see if i have some other outputs.

BTW, my "focus on windows" problem
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/283417) doesn't appear anymore :
each time i click on "File -> open another notebook", the new window
("open notebook" dialog) pops up :-).

4. Run the server

    ./zim.py --server /home/[login]/tmp/notebook

Works fine. As above, i'll test it a little more this week-end.

First issue : there's of course a problem when you run a local apache
http server which is listening the default port (80) :

    Traceback (most recent call last):
"/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim-0.42-alpha1/zim/gui/server.py", line 38,
in _start
      File "/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim-0.42-alpha1/zim/www.py", line
305, in start
        self.socket.bind(("localhost", self.port)) # TODO use
socket.gethostname() for public server
      File "<string>", line 1, in bind
    socket.error: (98, 'Adresse déjà utilisée') 

translation : Address already in use

So, you have to specify another port :

    ./zim.py --server --port 8180 /home/[login]/tmp/notebook

Rui Nibau <ruinibau@xxxxxxxx>
Développeur web, rédacteur scientifique