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Re: Problem with empty $$self{settings}{drawtiming} in plugin


Hi Jaap,

2009/4/12 Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Look to me the code is good. Did you check how the config file looks ? Might
> be something like the config file actually contains an empty string for this
> setting and blocks the default from being used.

excellent advice to check the config!! New to plugin programming for
zim, and I haven't looked at the config before.
Reason for failure was that I had first copied and modified
DiagramEditor.*, but not actually changed the $dot variables and the
applications assigned because I wanted to check that zim actually
found my plugin. Turned out that dot=dot %2 -Tpng %1 was still
registered under [TimingEditor Plugin] in the
~/.config/zim/default.conf file. When I changed that to the drawtiming
setting I wanted to use, the plugin works as expected.

Thanks a lot