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Is there an easy way to insert tables into zim?


I am using zim to document FPGA hardware development in VHDL. I am
looking for a way to insert tables into my text. This does not
necessarily need to be tables in wiki syntax, I am perfectly happy
with using an external program to generate a png to include. I could
use the table function from LaTex, but I do not quite like the syntax
of LaTex for tables.

The tables that I generate tend to be very wide since I am documenting
32-bit registers and then the table will have at least 32 columns and
3 to 4 rows. And then one such table for each register in my design.
Tend to be something like 50 to 100 tables since there are that many
registers in my design.

I could try to roll my own table generator tool for this kind of use
and bind it into zim with a plugin (that is actually my preferred
solution as wiki syntax tables tend to fill a lot of editor space
without adding information) But I wanted to throw in a question here
in case somebody else have done something similar.


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