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How to use txt2tags across folders?


when I use the export menu item to write txt2tags files, I get a
hierarchy of t2t files representing the organization of pages inside
zim. Now I wonder how to run txt2tags, say with the tex formatting, so
that the index.tex file actually includes .tex files from the lower
directories. When I do txt2tags -t tex index.t2t, I get an index.tex
that actually includes the files with the .t2t suffix. When I run
latex on that index.tex file, I get errors because latex doesn't
understand t2t format. I tried to texify some of the t2t files in the
lower directories before I run txt2tags on the top level index.t2t
file to see if that helped, but still the tex file was full of .t2t

Obviously I don't know how to run txt2tags on a hierarchy of t2t
files, and I have not been able to find any option to do so. Maybe I
am missing something, but I am very new to txt2tags.

Anybody have a trick or two to share?


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