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Re: How to use txt2tags across folders?


Svenn Are Bjerkem wrote:
Obviously I don't know how to run txt2tags on a hierarchy of t2t
files, and I have not been able to find any option to do so. Maybe I
am missing something, but I am very new to txt2tags.

No clue either whether t2t has support for this. I added the export to t2t on a user request, but never really used it myself.

That said it seems to me you might need a small script that concatenates the files to a single t2t file, which in turn can be converted to t2t.

Of course zim should have an export option to export to a single file directly as well as native latex support - but those features are still on the wish list ...



untested example script:

import sys
dir = sys.argv[1]
for root, dirs, files:
   for file in files:
      if file.endswith(".t2t"):
         fh = open(root+'/'+file)
         for i in range(4):
            fh.readline() # skip 4 lines of headers
         for line in fh:

This script would write all content to the terminal, so you can redirect it into a single file.

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