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Re: How to correctly set the language


Vlastimil Ott wrote:
Hmm.. works for me on a laptop but it doesn't on my desktop PC. On both systems there's an ugly segfault when I try to switch off the spell check button:

zim[14258]: segfault at b68c1c00 ip b7af3b95 sp bfb896f0 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2000.1[b7ab9000+c1000]

I'm running Mandriva Linux 2009.1 and Xfce on both machines.
... 8< ..
Yes, I did. Maybe I'm missing some package - gtkspell uses i.e. aspell-cs?

I have one local software repository and both machines are updated from the same place. They have the same software, the same Mandriva Linux... I use Zim 0.28 from zim-wiki.org, not from Mandriva's repo.

Sounds to me like the gtkspell backend is buggy. I know recent versions either use aspell (which seems stable to me) or a new backend that was developed by the gnome office people (which I have no experience with). As you are seeing DBus errors and does not have any DBus code in it, I can imagine you have the new backend and it tries to do something fancy..

Is the gtkspell package the same between the desktop and the laptop as well ?



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