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Re: 1:1 vs. piped links


On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 20:44, Pedro <pedro100@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> DokuWiki for example has both options:
> [[Link Target]] <---- simple link
> [[Link Target|Click here]]  <---- link with a label
> This is jsut a possibility, since zim comes with a a GUI rather than
> being markup-centered, all the links could have the latest format,
> being up to the user to choose if any part of it should be
> automagically filled.
Just to clarify: I was talking solely about user interface.
For the purpose of this discussion, I don't care if the the underlying
markup for 1:1 links is "[[Link Target]]" or "[[Link Target|Link
(Generally, I do prefer the first format, so that the text files are
easier to read and edit manually.)

And I agree that there must be an option to make the label different
from the target.
I described the "text is the link" model because it affords a more
intuitive and fluent GUI, to spark discussion about capturing its good
qualities in a GUI that does allow text to differ from the link.

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin <cben@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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