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Re: Online storage


2009/11/20 Roberto Suarez Soto <robe@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> El día Fri, 20 Nov 2009 02:18:14 +0000, Pedro <pedro100@xxxxxxxxx> escribía:
>> There's a page called IMAPstorage on the 'HACKING' notebook. Personally i
>> think possibilities are endless as there are countless ways of storing data
>> online. The simplest that comes to my mind is using FTP. But I am sceptical
>> about this, won't this be a bit slow?
>        WRT to IMAPstorage, I would say that yes, it's slow for most files.
> But being Zim pages usually small and text only, maybe it's not so slow. It'd
> be like using emails as reminders.
>        Anyway, take all this with a grain of salt. My only experience with
> something akin to IMAPstorage was gmailfs, and it was indeed slow. I'm just
> saying that maybe the implementation of Zim and the nature of its pages makes
> it somewhat more bearable.
>        Someone should program a FUSE filesystem based on rsync+ssh. That
> would be a nifty online storage :-)


Dotan Cohen


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