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Re: web front-end and Tomboy -> Zim converter


On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 3:51 AM, Randomcoder <randomcoder1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> At the moment I'm using Tomboy but I want to switch to zim because it would
> offer me
> more control over what I do(I'd also like to write some button that says
> "synchronize with unison" because I'm using unison to sync my notes).

Doing a simple plugin that just triggers unison with a button should be
quite easy.

Please check the mailing list archive, there is a recent discussion ongoing
about options for synchronization.

> I'm interested in writing a web front-end to zim or porting my own(wrote
> something for notes in Django) to Perl.
> Has anything been done in this direction ?

The python branch has a read-only web frontend that can either run as
cgi-bin or as stand alone webserver.

PS: Is Zim still actively maintained and developed or is the whole projects
> switching to Python ?

Yes and yes. Yes zim is actively maintained and developed. Yes all new
development is targetting the python branch.



P.S. your mail subject also mentions a tomboy to zim converter, but I do not
see that topic in your email ?