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RFC: list of features



What do you guys think of the following features:

1) replace(CTRL+H) with native Perl regexes and find(CTRL+F) ?
(what if for example you want to write some items then quickly make a list with bullets
with all of them ?)
2) "Go Dark" mode where some script scans all your notes and each link it finds it
fetches from the web, and puts all the documents(probably mostly html) into the document root
so you can unplug your network cable and do stuff offline. And then when you click the links in
the notes they still work since you've already fetched them.
But there's a problem, what should the links indicate ?
The real url ?
The new location files ?
Maybe when in "Go Dark" mode, it should point files on disk and in "Online mode" to real urls ?

Let me know what you think about these

Best regards,

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