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Re: Managing the notebook list


2009/11/29 Pablo Angulo <pablo.angulo@xxxxxx>:
> Jaap Karssenberg escribió:
>> I have been thinking about this a bit and it seems to me that it would
>> be good if zim searches for notebooks in certain standard locations...
>> Any thoughts on this ?
> Unfortunately, there seems to be no standard directory for notes in
> .config/user-dirs.dirs
> It would be interesting to read the directory from this config file
> instead of hard coding it. This way it can get translated, for example.
> But I don't know if you can just add a new one or what.

1) I think that "notes" is the wrong term here, even if Zim has been
using it historically.
2) Is this a freedesktop file or a Gnome file?

Dotan Cohen


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