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Managing the notebook list



I'm looking at the way we manage the notebook list. Currently this is just a
static list in an ascii file, which has it's limitations when you use many
notebooks. If only because you need to add each notebook to the list

I have been thinking about this a bit and it seems to me that it would be
good if zim searches for notebooks in certain standard locations. So there
would be a configurable search path, by default something like "~/Notes" and
"~/" and any notebooks found (identified by the presence of a "notebook.zim"
file) would be shown in the list. The search would only be one level deep,
so no recursive searches.

This makes the situation much easier for users that put all their notebooks
in a standard location (or in a few standard locations). I fully expect
someone to propose to make "~/.zim" the default, but I do not want to do
that. However this mechanism would make it perfectly possible to configure

In addition there could be a "bookmark" list of notebooks in other locations
for those users that have notebooks all over the place.

In addition we could clean up the notebook dialog a bit by making it open
notebooks on single click and have a seperate "manager" dialog to modify the
list. The "New notebook" dialog would assume the first directory in the path
("~/Notes" by default) unless you specify something else explicitly.

Any thoughts on this ?



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