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Re: Pyzim 0.42 beta3: lots of notebooks and notes missing.


> I do assume that even without the tray icon the "Open other notebook" n the
> File menu still work - right ?

It does, sorry, I looked for something like that but this one eluded
me. I should get some sleep!

>> However, it seems that the pathbar option must be set for each
>> notebook individually. Is this right?
> Yep, UI state is per notebook at this moment. Some settings should probably
> be generic, but didn't flesh out yet which should go where.

I see. I have some ideas for this, I will present them tomorrow.

> Btw. do not expect all settings to be carried over when upgrading from the
> perl version to the python version. Since it is a one time upgrade it is low
> on my priority list and I simply lack time to do that kind of compatibility
> work.

That's fine, and completely agreeable.

Dotan Cohen