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Re: Zim 0.42 released !


On Sun, 10 Jan 2010, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> Just released zim version 0.42, notified freshmeat etc. and updated
> the website. In addition I also made a maintenance release for the

I started packaging it officially for Debian and noticed some problems in
the build system mainly.

You provide a Makefile but it has several shortcomings:
- "make" doesn't call "setup.py build" as it should do in theory
- "make clean" calls debian/rules clean which means we can't call "make
  clean" from debian/rules clean because we get an infinite loop...

setup.py also has several problems:
- for the debian packaging we would need an option to not call
  update-desktop-database and update-mime-database, they are not called
  at package build time but at package installation time (postinst)
- the call to xdg-icon-resource also requires trickery to make it install
  the icons in the package build tree and not in the system dir
  maybe a manual install could be tried if the call to xdg-icon-resource
  does not work...
  (not a big deal if you don't implement that since I found a way to have
  xdg-icon-resource work)
- setup.py clean doesn't clean everything that gets created during
  build and install (make clean addresse most of those problems except
  that it should also remove the "locale" and "man" directories)

I uploaded the package in Debian unstable, it should be available

Raphaël Hertzog