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Zim 0.42 released !


Dear all,

Just released zim version 0.42, notified freshmeat etc. and updated
the website. In addition I also made a maintenance release for the
perl branch versioned 0.29 which contains items that were pending in
the bug tracker. I cleaned out the bug tracker and am happy to report
that remaining items fit on a single page again and are mostly wish
list items. So plenty of space to report all issues in this release...

I want to thank all of you for your support during the past year, for
testing the re-write in various stages of completeness and for adding



== Changes for zim 0.42 ==
* Moving a page also moves sub-pages and attachments
* Deleting a page also deletes sub-pages and attachments
* After deleting a page the user is moved away from that page
* Wrapped lines in bullet lists are indented properly
* Better desktop integration using the default webbrowser and email client
* Added a web-based interface to read zim notebooks
* Task List now supports tags
* Distinguishing between "move page" and "rename page"
* Menu actions like "Rename Page (F2)" now follow the focus and work
in the side pane as well
* Page title can be updated automatically when moving a page
* "Link" action behaves more like inserting an object instead of
applying formatting
* File links are now inserted showing only the basename of the file
* Dialogs spawned from another dialog will pop over it
* Dialogs remember their window size
* Allow user to quit individual notebooks even when the tray icon is in effect
* Check for pages that are changed offline now employs MD5 sum to be more robust

Translations available for:
* Dutch
* Estonian
* Czech
* French
* German
* Korean
* Ukrainian
* Simplified Chinese
* Spanish

== Changes for zim 0.29 ==
* Suport tags in the TODOList
* Improve date parsing for TODOList
* Add option for upper-case formatting for page titles in new pages
* Punctuation triggers end-of-word for auto-formatting links
* Updated website in About dialog
* Added translation for Hungarian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese & Ukrainian

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