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Task list plugin making changes unsavable


In experimenting with the Task List plugin, I often get this message:
File changed on disk: /home/dotancohen/.zim/איפה דברים/אחר.txt

Unspecified error...

To continue you can save a copy of this page or discard
any changes. If you save a copy changes will be also
discarded, but you can restore the copy later.

It persists until I discard the changes. Zim 0.43, on notebooks that
have been converted to the new format and have until now never had a
task list.

The cause _might_ be that when I clicked the More button on the
Preferences -> Plugins page to read about the plugin, the Zim Manual
could not be converted to the new format. Clicking the Yes button for
it to convert just made the windows disappear. Clicking No made it

Dotan Cohen


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