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I wanted to mention the "tags" feature. I've started learning python, but I
don't know I will get good enough in time to help implement it. I just
wanted to comment that I think this is a very important feature, that I
think it would expand the usefulness of Zim a lot.

Currently, a notebook is organized in a hierarchy ... many of the uses I put
it to don't have that structure. If I were to discuss the history of the
world (as an example), with a page for major events, I would want to be able
to look at the world in a certain time period. I would also want to be able
to look at all event involving, say, Japan. Currently, I would have to group
events geographically, or chronologically, but it would be hard to do both
at the same time.

I'd like to be able to put tags on a page, to get a list or view of only
those pages with a certain tag (has anyone worked on adding to the index,
rather than the page display?) and to get a list of existing tags in the

I realize I'm showing up with a request for work I can't do, I'm sorry for
that. And thanks to the Zim community.

The Empty Kingdom
Chapak Patrick Smith