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Windows installer for Zim 0.46 ready


Jaap forwarded a question to me from Jose (who is BCCed here) asking when
the Windows installer for the Python version of Zim will be ready. Well, my
response is this: I finally got something just ready to merge into the Zim
trunk and publishable.

Unfortunately there's a problem:
Zim says "No handlers could be found for logger 'zim.fs'" in the log file...
and it only says it if you are running from the py2exe "zim.exe" executable.
I'm pretty sure it didn't do this in 0.44.

My latest Bazaar branch is here:
(descends from Zim 0.46 milestone, trunk revision 221)

The installer and the app seem to work otherwise, so here's the installer:
You can go ahead and link to here from the Zim web site now if you'd like.

Jaap, let me know how you want to approach bug 562111. I'm not sure where to
start on that.

If you want to merge my Bazaar branch into the trunk right away, go for it.

Brendan Kidwell

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