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pyzim errors when using non-ascii chars


I still kepts the old perl version on my windows xp work computer because it
was more stable. Recently, I checked the status of the windows build and it
appeared to be pretty stable, but it still has some non-minor glitches.

Zim on windows allways had a bit of troubles with text format. On Linux,
everything works fine, but on windows some fine tune is necessary i believe.

So this is what happens: I take notes in portuguese which makes kind of
heavy usage of chars like á ã, ó, í, etc. This ends up in a big mess.
Filenames become all broken, and, as a consequence pyzim throws error at
runtime which is understoodable.
For example, if i create a note or namespace called "Reunião", more often
than not o zim will show an error box as soon as it tries to save the page.
If i do succed saving the page, the file will be calles something weird like
"Reuniħo" and i will have my page tree all broken next time i open zim. It
does get unusable.

I put my notes on a central bazaar branch on my server and then have a
branch on each computer i use. I pull the updates to different filesystems:
NTFS and EXT3. If those have support for the all the chars i use on their
filenames there should be no problem even if their charsets are diferent...
or am I missing some important detail?

Anyway, this is what i get on my log on my windows installation:

No handlers could be found for logger "zim.fs"

I realize this concerns zim windows build rather than zim itself.

Thank you for zim :)


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