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Zim release planning


Dear all,

Hereby a quick update on my schedule. As you may have noted I skipped
a release last month so we are due for a new release soonish. Main
reason for skipping is that I haven't had much time to work on zim
recently. Things are quite busy in my day time job and May and I've
been offline for most of the weekends. Next week I will gather up all
pending patches etc. and target a new release in the first week of

For those that want to test the current development version, there are
quite some improvement committed already. Some interesting things are
further performance improvement for the indexing, on the fly indexing
of tasks (no refresh needed anymore) and the addition of a quick
"create note" dialog to the tray icon menu. Also zim can now be
started in the system tray without showing a notebook directly. And
the tray icon has been updated to support the new Ubuntu 10.4
"app-indicator" framework. In short, there is a lot of stuff in there
that needs to be released.

Main focus for next week will be some more improvements for the task
list. Also still working on resolving issue with filesystem encoding
on windows and hoping to integrate the maemo support before the



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