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Re: Zim release planning


Submitted several changes today to

If anyone's dying to get the latest Windows build, check out my branch and
build it yourself, or just ask me and I'll send it along. Otherwise, I will
do a complete build and post it online as soon as Jaap releases 0.47

Bugs I touched today:

lp:562111 [0.46] [Win32]: "No handlers could be found for logger 'zim.fs'"
- Couldn't find Jaap's fix.
- Submitted my own fix in my branch.
- Zim for Windows doesn't warn about entries in log file EVERY time you quit

lp:567614 [0.46] [Win32] Windows installer is missing translations
- Merged Jaap's fixes into my branch and cleaned up new errors this

lp:505795 [Win32] About dialog shows "python.exe" as program name
- No change by me today.
- This problem appears to be gone as of 0.46 for Windows release

lp:562155 [0.46] [Win32] Bad app icon in 0.46 installer
- Fixed in my branch.

lp:522850 Win32: Attach operation doesn't recognise images
- No change by me today.
- Looks like it's fully functional in Ubuntu AND Windows, but the checkbox
is interpreted backwards!

lp:568342 [zim 0.46][win32] Can not start zim on windows (may not be
properly installed)
- I read the whole case. Sorry I can't add any constructive suggestions. No
idea how I can reproduce it with the given information.

lp:584793 [pyzm] [win32] Attach command always causes logged warning
- Reported by me today.
- Fixed in my branch.

Brendan Kidwell