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Re: Zim 0.47 released !


The Add Note feature is great, but it suffers from these issues:

1) It requires the user to specify a top-level page and a subpage. If
the top-level page were remembered across usage like the Notebook were
then it would be better. Best would be if the sub-page was also
optional, such that if it were not entered then it would be
auto-generated or the content appended to the last-used page.

2) Lists are not auto-parsed, that is entering "[] hello" does not
turn into a list item.

3) Pages do not have titles or "created on" text.

4) If a top-level page and subpage combination already exists, the
subpage name is then the combination of the two. For instance, if "1
-> 2" already exists and the user enters those values, then the new
page name will be "1 -> 1 2"

Maybe some more, but these are the major issues that I found within
the first ten minutes of playing with it.

Dotan Cohen


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