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Verbatim and Indentation


I am noticing some difficulty in achieving some consistency when using
using verbatim formatting. At times it will indent the block of text
when I format it as verbatim, while other times it leaves the text
un-indented. There are times I would like this text to be indented and
other times I would prefer it not to be.

Is there something that can be done to force the indenting issue one way
or the other?

A partially related issue, is that I primarily use Zim for the creation
of Howto guides or Tutorials. Typically I use verbatim to display code
examples. However, equally common I require the inclusion of a block of
text representing the contents of a configuration file. I also use
verbatim for this. However this can make it difficult to differentiate
between "commands to be issued on the command line" and "text to expect
or edit inside a file".

I feel that a very simple way to get around this issue, and some
others.. would be to allow some basic formatting of verbatim text.
Specifically if sections of verbatim text could be made bold, that would
really assist me in my document creation. Is there any reason why this
can not be accomplished?

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