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Re: Ctrl-L


On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Pablo Angulo <pablo.angulo@xxxxxx> wrote:
> El 06/07/10 10:38, Jaap Karssenberg escribió:
>> Yes it should have that line. But only once in the Insert menu, not in
>> the Formats menu.
> Sorry for the misunderstanding. I should have said: "I don't have a link
> menu item anywhere" instead of "I don't have a Insert/Link or
> Format/Link menu item". I didn't remember if it should be in "Insert" or
> in "Format". There is no such line in the "format_menu" section.

Hmm. Did you check for error messages ? If no errors only thing I can
think of is making sure you have a clean install.

-- Jaap

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